Measures for physiotherapy treatments

Full treatments are given in different circumstances. 

  • in case of a necessary and urgent treatment
  • Patients with the following conditions
    • Acute post-operative physiotherapy: (physiotherapy just after surgery)
    • Respiratory Diseases
    • Patients with certain neurological disorders (MS, tetraplegia, ALS,,,,)
    • Chemo patients
    • Palliative Patients
  • if stopping treatment could lead to serious consequences for the patient.
  • necessary and urgent physiotherapeutic treatment in the context in which a situation produces a necessary fact
    to improve or maintain the health and functioning of the patient , and to prevent deterioration.


  • treatments must be able to be performed in safe conditions for the patient and physiotherapist.
    • one on one contact
    • use of mouth masks
    • alcoholic gel or gloves

Types of treatments:

Hands on therapy

a hands on therapy is a therapy as you know it from your physiotherapist. These are only performed if the precautions can be met.

telephone, – video consultation

If you have something in mind and you want professional advice about your complaint, you can call on your physiotherapist by means of a telephone or video consultation. This may mean that there is an intake interview to analyze your complaint and possibly give advice, or to follow up your exercises remotely to see if you are performing everything correctly.