Medical Fitness

What is Medical Fitness?

Have you just recovered from a sports injury? Or have you had serious back problems? It can sometimes be a stumbling block to starting sports again. After you’ve sustained an injury, it can sometimes be difficult to start exercising again. You find that when you resume sports you always relapse in the same pattern and incur an injury. All in all, an ordinary fitness program is no longer sufficient, here comes the role of medical fitness.

Get moving immediately with medical fitness!

Who is medical fitness for

For people who want to become active again but quickly get injured

For people who want to exercise again after rehabilitation from an injury

For people who want more control over their complaints

Where a conventional fitness program is not enough


More knowledge about the load capacity of your own body

Responsible training and injury prevention
Improve general health

An important difference with rehabilitation is that a program is tailor-made and therefore there is no rehabilitation. It consists of drawing up a training theme based on the objectives discussed. For example, if you still have problems with your back after a hernia, manual therapy is a better option.

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As Kinetic Center physiotherapists, we are there to help people with minor injuries as well as patients who need extensive rehabilitation. Because we can use all facilities of Fitness Center Jupiter Health Planet, we can provide you with the best possible service.

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