General Physiotherapy

What is it?

General physiotherapy includes conditions in which there is a “disorder” in anatomical or physiological functions. For example, you can think of a stiff back in the morning, a shoulder that suddenly feels painful after painting the ceiling or a sudden stinging feeling in the groin when you stand up.

How it works?

Our treatment for this is aimed at regaining an adequate load capacity, since this is often reduced in the case of such disorders. By means of an interview and a specific functional assessment, we try to find out what the possible causes of your functional problem are, so that we can start a therapy that is as targeted and individual as possible.

At kinetic center we strongly believe in an individual approach that really takes into account the patient and his/her request for help.

We Proudly Give Quality Treatments

As Kinetic Center physiotherapists, we are there to help people with minor injuries as well as patients who need extensive rehabilitation. Because we can use all facilities of Fitness Center Jupiter Health Planet, we can provide you with the best possible service.

Choose the best therapy for you!