Orthopedic Rehabilitation

You can go to Kinetic Center Zaventem for

After orthopedic surgery: (knee prosthesis, hip prosthesis, shoulder prosthesis, elbow prosthesis)

Pre- and postoperatively for back surgeries (discectomy, arthrodesis of spinal vertebrae)

After arthroscopy. (eg: mensicesectomy)

After a bone fracture

With a tendon injury (cuff lesion, Achilles tendon,…)

After ligament injuries (anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction)

Why choose Kinetic Center?

Due to the close cooperation between Jupiter Health Planet and Kinetic Center, all their facilities can be used during the rehabilitation. In addition, you as a patient can also use the facilities outside the consultation to achieve an optimal recovery.

Kineticists in Kinetic Center are continuously trained in order to be able to apply “best practice” every time. Best practice means that the treatment given is based on the most recent scientific literature.

The intake is done by a manual therapist who not only takes into account the body part that has been operated on, but also the surrounding joints. If you have been in pain for a while, it is possible that an incorrect posture is adopted to reduce the pain. This can cause problems in other places. therefore it is important to always consider the whole body when you are in rehab.

What does a treatment look like?

The first consultation is an intake that consists of two parts, an interview and a physical examination. During the conversation, the therapist asks questions about your complaints and how they arose. A physical examination is then performed where the therapist looks at the affected area and the joints around it. Goals are set and treatment can begin.

The following treatments will also consist of two parts. on the one hand, the patient is treated manually to reduce pain and regain mobility. When it becomes possible, an exercise program is added that initially consists of very easy light exercises in a controlled environment. After that, the exercise program is made more difficult according to the level the patient wants to achieve.

We Proudly Give Quality Treatments

As Kinetic Center physiotherapists, we are there to help people with minor injuries as well as patients who need extensive rehabilitation. Because we can use all facilities of Fitness Center Jupiter Health Planet, we can provide you with the best possible service.

Choose the best therapy for you!