Sports Rehabilitation

What is it?

Sports rehabilitation is aimed at recovering from sports injuries while losing as little of our physical condition as possible. Sometimes it may be necessary to temporarily stop your sport and it can be good to keep your physical condition up to date by doing cross-training. Cross training is a principle where we practice another sport that has a different load and thus does not aggravate your injury. An example of this is having a marathon runner with an injury swim. As an athlete it is important to know your body well. That said, advice plays a vital role in helping you better understand the principles of sport-specific exercise physiology. Kinetic Center uses the facilities of Jupiter Health Planet to ensure optimal recovery.

For amateur athletes

As an amateur athlete you can achieve a good sport level. Often there is a lack of knowledge to avoid injuries and how to train responsibly at a high level. proper guidance can mean the difference between healthy and responsible training or incurring injuries. Good advice is then crucial to get the hang of training principles. An example is knowing when to insert recovery moments, when you can start increasing your level and much more.

For athletes

You can also follow sports rehabilitation if you want to start exercising again but you are prone to injury or have never played sports before. In that case, an individualized training program is made to exercise responsibly. Also view our range of medical fitness.

We Proudly Give Quality Treatments

As Kinetic Center physiotherapists, we are there to help people with minor injuries as well as patients who need extensive rehabilitation. Because we can use all facilities of Fitness Center Jupiter Health Planet, we can provide you with the best possible service.

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